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Preds Reveal 2020 Winter Classic Jersey

Nashville Unveils Jersey to Wear in 2020 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic on New Year’s Day

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Less than two months remain until the Nashville Predators face the Dallas Stars in the 2020 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic at the Cotton Bowl on New Year’s Day, and the Preds have officially unveiled what they’ll be sporting for the occasion.

In conjunction with adidas and the NHL, the Predators revealed their jerseys for the Winter Classic, a classic custom look that is unlike anything ever worn by the franchise.

From adidas: “The new jersey was created with a heritage aesthetic, featuring designs inspired by Nashville’s rich hockey history and its passionate hockey fanbase. The script crest, felt block lettering and classic striping create a nostalgic look suitable for the NHL Winter Classic’s celebration of the game’s origins outdoors. The retro look will make its on-ice debut on January 1, when the Predators take on the Dallas Stars at Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas, Texas.”

Previously introduced to Smashville back in September, the jersey features a new logo “which takes the form of a roaring saber-toothed tiger’s head and represents the Predators’ size, strength and speed. The new logo has a retro look to pay homage to the history and heritage of hockey in Nashville.”

The new logo is featured on one of the shoulders of the jersey with the 2020 NHL Winter Classic logo affixed to the opposite shoulder. The inside collar features the date of the game as well as a guitar fretboard, a nod to Music City.

So, how can you get your hands on one?

Saints wearing Color Rush uniforms on Thanksgiving vs. Falcons

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 07:  Alvin Kamara #41 of the New Orleans Saints warms up prior to facing the Atlanta Falcons at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on December 7, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

The NFL allows teams to wear alternate jerseys only three times per season, and the New Orleans Saints already used their Color Rush variants twice in Weeks 3 (on the road with the Seattle Seahawks) and 4 (at home against the Dallas Cowboys), winning both games. Now, they’ll be wearing the clean Color Rush duds for the third and final time of the 2019 season on Thanksgiving night versus the Atlanta Falcons, the team announced on social media.

It’s frustrating that New Orleans can’t use these stellar uniforms more often. Write the NFL’s New York office, your local members of Congress, or any other authority figures and petition them to promote the Color Rush specials to full-time use as the Saints’ away jersey-pants combination.

For their part, the Falcons are pairing their black throwback jerseys with white pants, which they announced earlier this year in their 2019 uniform schedule. Comparing that uniform against New Orleans’ Color Rush creates one seriously dynamic combination.

As for superstitious fans: here are the win/loss records for every uniform combination the Saints have used since Sean Payton was hired as head coach back in 2006. While this list is focused on that time frame, it’s worth remembering that the Saints also wore alternate gold jerseys during a 2002 game against the Minnesota Vikings, which they lost 32-31. Those jerseys haven’t been seen since.

  • White jerseys, white pants: 3-0 (1.000)
  • Color Rush alternates: 5-2 (.714)
  • Black and Gold throwbacks: 2-1 (.667)
  • Black jerseys, gold pants: 23-13 (.639)
  • Black jerseys, black pants: 40-26 (.606)
  • White jerseys, black pants: 38-25 (.603)
  • White jerseys, gold pants: 31-24 (.564)

FC Barcelona Pays Tribute to La Masia’s Founding Year

Opened in 1979, Barcelona youth academy, La Masia, is the backbone of the club. Over 40 years it has become the place where the sacred “Barcelona Way” is passed on to future generations of Blaugrana players. FC Barcelona’s 2019-20 away kit pays tribute to La Masia.

“It is not an accident that La Masia has given the world so many great players,” says full-back and La Masia product Sergi Roberto. “It is a special place with a unique philosophy and I am pleased this new away kit highlights the academy. Forty years of work at La Masia really is something worth celebrating.”

Just as they did four decades ago, for 2019-20 Barça will wear a bright yellow away jersey decorated with a bold diagonal sash comprising the club’s traditional home colors of red and blue.

“Barça’s away kit from ’79 is a cult classic and with us wanting to pay homage to La Masia, it made perfect sense to use a kit from its founding year as the starting point,” explains Pete Hoppins, Nike Football Apparel Senior Design Director. “What you get is this beautiful vintage Barça design merged with all the benefits of modern technology. La Masia has produced so many iconic players and it remains an honor to produce kits for them.”

The shirt’s stylish v-neck collar is finished at the back of the neck by a vertical strip featuring the stripes of the Catalan flag. The trims of the sleeves are different on each side — red on left, blue on right — and the kit is completed by a match day-choice of blue or yellow shorts, and yellow socks. The socks are broken up by thick red and blue hoops which are detailed with a Swoosh and the word “Barça.”

The 2019-20 FC Barcelona away kit will be available July 9 on and at official FC Barcelona stores.

Duquesne University reveals new “D” logo and sports uniforms

Duquesne University athletics are getting a new look, with redesigned logos and uniforms that were unveiled for all of the Dukes sports teams Wednesday.

Gone is the traditional gothic “D” from years past, replaced by a narrow, pointed monogram described as “modern gothic” — which Duquesne says is a nod to the Spiritan flame and is intended to convey “a sense of pride, strength and ferocity as well as pay homage to our heritage.”

Basketball uniforms will have the new “D” on the shorts. There are four new jersey designs — one with a large “D” prominent on the chest, another with a smaller “D” near the left shoulder, and one each with “DUQ” and “DUQUESNE” in all caps and the first “U” shorter than all the other letters. The Dukes team name does not appear on the new jerseys.

Traditional red and blue colors are still there, but alternate uniforms make use of electric blue and silver for “a more fashion-forward appeal,” the university’s athletic department said.

Jersey numbers and the Duquesne name are in a new “Bluff” font, described thusly: “Strong and condensed, with an aggressive appearance that comes through angled terminals, spiked serifs and wedge-shaped counter forms, this is a custom typeface built to complement our monogram and wordmarks.”

Football helmets display the pointed “D” on the side and “DUQ” centered on the front.

Hats, shirts, hoodies and other merchandise with the new look are being sold online at Duquesne’s Nike team shop through May 28. The new gear will be available at the Barnes & Noble campus bookstore, beginning later this month.

MWC Jersey Rankings: Home Jerseys

Which teams have the best look on the field

We have some new power rankings, folks, but these rankings aren’t about football performance. That’s right! We have ranked every team in the conference based on their home football jerseys. Which teams have the coolest jerseys and which teams need to step their game up? See where your team falls on our rankings.

Rankings incorporate the entire uniform, including the helmet and pants.

1 – Wyoming

This might not be everyone’s favorite fit in the league, just like the old San Diego Padres jerseys, you either love them or hate them, but Wyoming’s jerseys are brilliant in my opinion. The brown and yellow is a unique but stellar color combination that works well with the white helmet. The striping on the shoulders and pants provides a great touch so it doesn’t feel overpowered with too much solid color. Finally, the unique font of the wording across the chest gives the overall look an extra pop. Wyoming’s jerseys are awesome, and they find themselves at the top of the list

2 – San Diego State

The Aztecs have some of the coolest jerseys in the conference, they offer a neat look by having the Aztec calendar on the helmet and shoulder pads. Overall, the scarlet and black combination works well, and you can never go wrong with a predominantly black jersey. Like Wyoming, the wording across the chest is awesome, written in red in an original font which balances the mostly black top, SDSU’s design has just the right amount of red to work well with the black. SDSU would have been number one on this list if we were able to see the Aztec calendar on the helmet on TV, the design is cool but almost impossible to see unless you are shown a close up of the helmet.

3 – Boise State

Boise State, like their counterparts above them, have a remarkable color scheme, Their bright blue and orange make them one of the more noticeable jerseys in football. While I don’t normally like the over-sized logos on the helmet, Boise makes it work, the fierce looking bronco does not over-power the rest of the jersey, *cough cough* Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The blue is fun to look at and the orange outlining of the numbers really puts it all together.

4 – Hawaii

Just like the Aztecs, you can’t go wrong with black jerseys and Hawaii is no exception. The black is cool; however, I would like the jerseys better if there was some more green complimenting the black on the overall look. That being said the helmet is really interesting, why have one logo on the helmet when you can have two? Hawaii is showing they represent the entire state by having an actual picture of the Hawaiian islands on one side and their primary logo on the other, an awesome idea that definitely works on their jersey.

5 – Air Force

Air Force’s jerseys are really cool from the neck up, the lightning bolt on the helmet is a really nice logo. The blue-white pants-jersey combo is done as well as it could have been, unfortunately the jersey is a little bland, it looks like a default blue jersey you would use when creating a custom jersey online, although the falcon logo on the shoulder is a great touch to make up for the lack of color variation.

6 – Colorado State

The Rams have good and bad parts of their jersey. The ram horns are a really cool look and even if the Los Angeles rams have the exact same design, I like the gold and green combo better than the white and blue. As for the jersey, the green is a good look with the white numbers outlined in gold, however, the font of the writing across the chest is boring and could afford to be a little bigger. Another issue I have with the jersey is the ram horn on the shoulder which looks more like a fossilized snail, the jersey would look better if that logo was substituted with the primary ram’s head logo.

7 – UNLV

UNLV has some of the flashiest jerseys in the conference, the silver helmet really stands out on the field. The usual acronym logo that the rebels have on the helmet is fine but the UN logo they wore in the home opener coupled with the words Las Vegas on the pants adds a unique element, as if we are reading the jersey from top to bottom. The jersey itself is a pretty standard red with decent silver numbers and the primary rebel logo on the shoulder. A basic jersey with cool extra elements all around.

8 – Utah State

The Aggies probably have the most average jersey in the conference. The jersey is all dark blue with subtle designs on the shoulder pad and “Utah State” written across the chest in basic writing with all white numbers. The helmet is also all dark blue with the primary logo. Nothing special here but also nothing that blatantly needs fixing.

9 – San Jose State

The Spartans have a very cool helmet with a spear coming over the crown of the helmet, the jersey however is kind of boring. The Spartan’s home unis consist of a blue top and they rotate the pants, blue with yellow pants is the best combo while blue on blue is way too overpowering with barely any extra yellow on the shoulder or pants to balance it out.

10 – New Mexico

New Mexico is a combination of being too basic and a little too solid color dominant. The helmet is pretty standard with the primary logo on an all-white helmet and a stripe down the middle, but the jersey is too red. The jersey and pants are all red with only white numbering and the words “Lobos” and “New Mexico”, also written in all-white, to balance it out. The outfit could afford to be a little more creative all around or at least add some striping to counteract all the red.

11 – Fresno State

Fresno State has the potential for some really neat jerseys but right now they aren’t great in my opinion. I am not a big fan of cursive writing on a helmet, there are plenty of places on a jersey to put your schools name, the helmet needs an awesome logo. One concept I thought would be cool would be something similar to Hawaii, having the bulldog logo on one side and the unique central valley “V” on the other. Outside of that the jerseys are a little too red, FSU could really afford to throw in some more blue and white. All that being said, their home red jerseys need work, but the blue alternate jerseys are really cool.

12 – Nevada

Rounding out or ranking is the Nevada Wolf Pack. Just like Fresno State, the full word writing on the helmet in place of a logo is not my favorite and their jersey is a little bit duller than Fresno State’s. Nevada has an all blue jersey with not really any added elements, the numbers and writing are in basic bold white font and there is no mixture of colors to make it really pop.

Updated custom covers for NCAA Football 20

Anyone else get butterflies earlier this year when EA Sports said it would be “very interested” in developing a new NCAA Football game?

Spending hours on the sticks was a summer tradition for millions of college football fans in the 2000s, the pre-Madden appetizer to the new season beginning when school started back.

Per 247Sports analyst Chris Hummer, the NCAA made a “quiet, yet potentially momentous announcement” in May that it would create a working group to examine the issue of likeness in college athletics, perhaps the first step in alter its rules to allow athletes to capitalize on their image.

Previously, NCAA rules prohibited EA Sports from paying college players to use their likeness in video games, thus ending one of the top-selling video game franchises in history among sports fans in 2014.

Former NCAA Football Executive Producer Ben Haumiller wrote in an email to 247Sports after the announcement that creative his team “loved making college football games and “if the opportunity ever presented itself ,we’d be very interested in potentially getting back into that space.”

Well, our creative team loves the idea and has taken it one step further a few weeks before the start of fall practice.

Courtesy of 247Sports graphics guru Ted Hyman, here’s a wide array of custom covers we’d like to see on the next (it better happen!) NCAA Football game from EA Sports:


Since current stars are off limits per EA Sports’ mandate when it was producing the best game on the planet every summer, here’s first-round pick and former Clemson pass rusher Clelin Ferrell in all of his infinite glory on the first custom cover for NCAA Football 20. By the way, would 2019 Heisman frontrunner Trevor Lawrence be the highest-rated player in the game?

South Carolina

Can you imagine what Deebo Samuel’s individual player rating would’ve been with an updated roster? I’m thinking 95 OVR with 96 speed, 97 agility and 93 acceleration as one of the game’s top wideouts and special teams threats. A potential Palmetto Bowl showdown between the Tigers and Gamecocks just became a lot more fun with these two cover boys leading the virtual charge.


Here’s an up-close look at last season’s SEC Defensive Player of the Year and top draft selection Josh Allen, who would’ve been one of the game’s most feared players off the edge. It used to be a blast user-controlling a defensive end at the snap and using quickness — or a power move — to get past a tackle en route to the quarterback. Allen was arguably college football’s best at doing just that last season. Did we mention the potential uniform options you’d have with the Wildcats? We’re all-in on chrome helmets, the snow whites or Kentucky’s all-black combination in NCAA Football 20.


Devin White to the rescue! No doubt the Tigers would have one of NCAA Football 20’s top defenses, anchored by several elite-level players at every level on that side of the football. The hit stick with rising star K’Lavon Chaisson would be devastating, sure to jar the football loose from opposing ballcarriers (be careful using the strip button unless you want to miss a tackle).


Dual-threat quarterbacks OWN in video game formats and players like Trace McSorley would be elite in this regard. It wouldn’t hurt to cycle back another year too so you could play with Saquon Barkley as well — or just recruit another can’t-miss backfield star during the “offseason” in the game. A night game at Beaver Stadium in Happy Valley paints one of the prettiest pictures on the game, especially if it could be done in 4K.


Kyler Murray gets the nod here since he’s no longer active, but everyone’s favorite team in NCAA Football 20 would undoubtedly be the Sooners. Who wouldn’t want to test our Jalen Hurts in Lincoln Riley’s Air Raid with a plethora of wide receivers and talented running backs at your disposal? This offense would rival Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin’s fat numbers a decade ago.


Attention EA Sports — All Georgia fans want to know one thing before you release a new game: will the black alternate jerseys be available at the team select screen? Jake Fromm and D’Andre Swift teaming up in NCAA 20 would give users the opportunity to have supreme balance offensively and everyone knows the screen tends to rock back and forth between the hedges.


Now that Texas is back, you can return the Longhorns to their glory days atop the polls in the thick of the national championship picture with Sam Ehlinger in charge and Caden Sterns at safety, who could be NCAA Football 20’s highest-rated player at his position (LSU’s Grant Delpit begs to differ).

Notre Dame

The golden domers in 4K? Salivating.


Be honest, how often do you simulate defense? There’s no fun in that when you have a litany of high-rated pass rushers like the Buckeyes. Ohio State was always a preferred favorite of mine in dynasty mode because you could count on the Buckeyes to have an elite quarterback and running back capable of breaking down a defense on every handoff. Speed kills and Ohio State always had it in NCAA Football.


Here’s is Michigan’s best chance to beat Ohio State! Jokes aside, few teams looked better than the Wolverines’ maize and blue the last time we saw EA Sports’ beloved game. Adjust the sliders a bit as a runner and Shea Patterson would be fun to use as one of the game’s top quarterbacks.


Bring back Dynasty mode with the Crimson Tide? I’m ashamed to admit I played too many seasons with Alabama on NCAA 14, wasting countless hours of screentime while beating teams into oblivion. Elite on both sides of the ball, Alabama was a sure-fire way to pad stats online and improve that win-loss record in the lobby. I’m already getting butterflies thinking of a no-huddle 5-wide with Tua Tagovailoa.

Warriors Unveil Six New Uniform Combinations for 2019-20 Season

The uniforms will accompany the team’s transition to San Francisco.

The Golden State Warriors are entering a season full of new circumstances, and the team has decided to bring along six new uniforms to aid them in the transition.

The Warriors, who have left Oracle Arena—their Oakland home for 47 years—and moved to San Francisco, unveiled a series of new uniform combinations that they will wear throughout the 2019-20 season.

The new uniforms include two classic editions, including a yellow throwback to the 1966-67 design which read “The City” across the chest. The other classic edition throws back to the Warriors’ first season in California after moving from Philadelphia in 1962.

The Warriors also unveiled a redesign of “The Bay” jerseys in addition to announcing that they would still be wearing “The Town” jerseys despite no longer playing in Oakland.

The 2019 NBA season tips off on Oct. 22.