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Portland Thorns unveil jerseys for 2020 season

The Portland Thorns unveiled their jerseys for the 2020 NWSL season. The primary jersey (left) is nicknamed the Dark Rose, and the secondary jersey is nicknamed the Untamed Thorn.

The Portland Thorns have unveiled their jerseys for the 2020 National Women’s Soccer League season.

The primary jersey is nicknamed the Dark Rose, and it’s the first black jersey in team history. Stylized roses cover the front and back of the uniform, a tribute to Portland’s longtime moniker, “The City of Roses.”

The secondary jersey is called the Untamed Thorn. According to the club, this one “carries thorn graphics that pull the spirit of the home fans through as metaphorical body armor.”

Each jersey also features the letters “B.A.O.N.” on the inner neck, a nod to Thorns fans’ favorite phrase, “By Any Other Name.”

“We are really excited about these new kits,” Thorns creative director Alex Kocher said in a press release introducing the uniforms.

“With each jersey, it’s an opportunity to expand our club’s visual language, and these designs are a bold and compelling evolution of our iconography. I think our athletes and supporters will love them.”

The jerseys will go on sale 7 a.m. Friday at An exclusive presale started Wednesday morning.

New NFL uniforms 2020: Here are the jerseys for Patriots, Buccaneers, Falcons, Browns and Chargers

New year, new threads.

Nothing invigorates a fanbase like a new set of uniforms. New kits oftentimes signal a new era for teams, which brings hope and excitement for a lot of fans. It also brings about a lot of bad and hilarious Tweets ripping the uniforms.

When Nike took over for NFL’s uniform making in the early 2010s, a few things were promised: innovation and the future of design. The innovation in material and jersey technology have been apparent and effective while the design has seen varying degrees of success.

This offseason, we’ve seen a lot of teams revert to old looks while others have been very fashion forward. In all, five teams have unveiled new uniforms with a few more to come.

Here’s how they all look with some of their more prominent changes:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers new uniforms

What’s new: Maybe the better question is: what’s old?

The Buccaneers spurned their futuristic-looking kits from their 2015 rebranding for something more traditional and familiar.

The Bucs say that their uniforms are inspired by the 1997 through 2013 era of Tampa Bay football, one in which they won their first and only Super Bowl in 2003. In fact, the number font is the same to that of those prior uniforms, with the red a deeper one to that of their prior uniforms. Buccaneers owner Ed Glazer pointed out some of the details of the new uniforms .

This new but familiar look is a direct result of the valuable feedback we received from our fans. We are excited to return to our classic Super Bowl era uniforms while also introducing a sleek Color Rush uniform that showcases our signature pewter in a new and dramatic way. The refreshed classic design of our home and away combinations bridges our past with our exciting new future, and we are confident it will resonate with our fans.

With a new all-pewter alternate uniform, the Buccaneers have just three uniforms in rotation for the time being.

Atlanta Falcons new uniforms

What’s new: The Falcons went all-in with a new look for 2020 and beyond.

When their old kits were introduced in the 2002 season, they were almost too futuristic for some to handle. But the looks endured during the Michael Vick and Matt Ryan eras and eventually became dated.

Now, the Falcons take another quasi-futuristic approach with their uniforms while also simplifying them. The team has eight different color combinations with the new uniforms and introduce a new gradient alternate uniform, which actually works well. They are also keeping 1966 throwback uniforms as a wardrobe staple.

But arguably the nicest and most unique part of the Falcons new uniforms is the satin finish of their black helmets; it makes the lids look almost deep gray, which plays well with the rest of their updated color palette. With a single stripe down the sides of the uniforms and and updated number font (with shadowing that works and isn’t overstated), the uniforms are certainly toned down but offer a new look.

Per the Falcons’ release , there were three goals in the creation of the new design: bring black to the forefront, keep it simple and “reflect the modern progression of the city.” With the colors, the design and the “ATL” across the chest, all three missions were accomplished.

Cleveland Browns new uniforms

What’s new: As with the Buccaneers, maybe the best question to ask is what’s old?

The Browns went in with a bold rebranding in 2015, and it worked to some degrees. While the new, deeper orange was much more inviting and easy on the eyes when paired next to their signature brown, the rest of the branding updates

That’s not the case with their new look for 2020. The Browns went with something simpler, more traditional and inviting, a strategy that doesn’t or wouldn’t work for most NFL teams. Co-owner and executive vice president JW Johnson echoed those sentiments:

We wanted to get back to the roots of who the Browns are. We’ve heard it from our fans and from our players. We needed to get back to our roots. As you look at iconic franchises like the Browns, the Bears, the Packers, the Cowboys — they’re true to who they are. They’re not doing a lot of changes and trying to make a lot of flashy moves with their uniforms. I think when we went through the process, it just felt right that we got back to who we are and who we’ll always be.

These uniforms are much more similar to the unis of the ’50s through ’80s and eliminated the “BROWNS” ultra branding on the leg and Cleveland across the chest. While the Browns don’t have a lot they can work with when it comes to motifs, these are a welcome sight and change.

New England Patriots new uniforms

What’s new: The Patriots have used the Color Rush uniforms as an alternate for a few years now, and it’s one of the more visually appeasing sets of unis in the league. With Tom Brady now out as Patriots quarterback, the new uniforms signify a new era in New England football. Jen Ferron, chief marketing officer of Kraft Sports and Entertainment, felt like a moderate change was best for the brand.

As we started to think about the 2020 season and a new decade, we began to envision what we wanted our uniforms to reflect. The success of the ‘Color Rush’ uniform that we’ve worn for the past couple of years had us thinking that we didn’t need to make real substantive changes, rather we could make modest changes to our home uniform and then use a complementary version with those same aesthetics for our away uniform.

The new uniforms for the Patriots feature blue tops with blue bottoms, while a white top with blue bottom will be their primary away digs. The shoulder stripes are an ode to throwback uniforms and

While the Patriots don’t have a white or silver pants alternative — something that would have looked nice with the blue tops — these are a welcome

Los Angeles Chargers new uniforms

What’s new: The Chargers improved on an already-great look by simplifying the shoulder bolts, updating the numbers and adding a few shades of blue for their alternate kits.

Aside from that, the Chargers re-added the numbers back to their helmets (a staple of Charger unis of yesteryear), elongated the bolt on the lids and removed the unnecessary backdrop stripe on the shoulder bolts.

All in all, one of the best uniforms in the sport, in fact, got better.

Indianapolis Colts new logo

What’s new: Of the seven teams who introduced new or updated uniforms this offseason, the Colts did the least. They introduced a new wordmark, which is very fitting for their brand. They also introduced black into their color scheme, though it’s not featured in their uniforms.

What is featured in their new uniforms, though, is a new font for their numbers which mirrors their wordmark. Those are the only changes for the Colts for the upcoming season, but they’re nice ones that work.

The Colts dealt with some controversies, though, as their new secondary logo drew the ire of someone who had originally designed something similar.

Los Angeles Rams new uniforms

The Rams’ new uniforms aren’t out yet, but many expect them to be their current blue and gold alternates updated to regular status, similar to what the Patriots did with their Color Rush uniforms.

The reveal is expected some time in May.

Minnesota hockey jersey manufacturer now makes masks, gowns

No hockey? No problem! Minnesota company switches to make medical supplies

Necessity is the mother of invention as they say. And in these unusual times, that statement could not be truer. Just ask the local hockey jersey manufacturer, turned medical supply, supplier.

“It’s amazing when you have to do something, what you can accomplish, when you’re pushed,” says Chris Bonvino, owner of Gemini Athletic Wear.

When the puck stopped, so did the machines at Gemini Athletic Wear. Chris Bonvino offered his employees the opportunity to stay home with pay.

“But they all want to come in and help,” he says.

No hockey. No problem. The folks at Gemini figured out how to make heavy-duty CDC spec masks.

Front line medical folks are using the cloth masks over their N95 respirators to help them last longer.

“One of the hospitals just ordered 2,000 of them. They’ll have 1,000 of them in the field, the other thousand will be washed, and they’ll switch them out so that’s kind of the plan,” says Bonvino.

The Edina, Minnesota company has been cranking them out, working in shifts to keep the number of people in the building to a minimum, some even working from their homes.

“They already have industrial machines, but we took several of ours, and moved them to different operators, and so while they’re quarantined, they’re turning them out and they’re also being paid,” he says.

So far they have cut about 15,000 masks. About 9,000 have already been sewn and delivered.

Next challenge? Nurses who showed up needing gowns.

“We created a gown from scratch on our software and we cut, sample-sewed, and we produced 300 of them that evening. They’re already sewn and ready to go. You go quick when you have to,” says Bonvino.

Gowns, masks, whatever else may pop up, Chris says his team is ready to try. The supply chain being what it is, he figures if local companies can retool, revamp, rethink what they already do, it will have an impact.

“We can’t make the dent that obviously a 3M can, but we can certainly help some people in the meantime,” he says.

Buccaneers reveal the date they’ll unveil new uniforms

More uniform updates trickling in as we get closer to the NFL Draft

Mike Evans will go down in Tampa Bay Buccaneers history as the player who had the honor of being the rookie to hold up the new jersey as the team’s first-round draft pick in 2014.

If the team is lucky, they’ll get similar success out of this year’s first-round pick, even though the player won’t be standing on a draft stage the first time they hold it up. If those of you who pre-ordered your Tom Brady jerseys are lucky, you’ll like the new design a bit more than the previous one.

Like the time spent in the alarm-clock numbered uniform, most Buccaneers fans would just as soon forget all about the uniform Tampa has played in since 2014. Thanks to the wonders of social media, we now know when they can start to put those times in the rear view mirror, as the team announced they’ll unveil their ‘new threads’ on April 7th.

Much speculation has centered around the new uniforms, including color schemes and any potential logo changes. A tweet sent earlier in the off-season seemed to have settled the logo concerns as a black and white picture featured the same logo Bucs fans have grown to love.

Head coach Bruce Arians speculated the uniform would look more similar to the one the franchise won the Super Bowl in, drawing mixed reactions from social media crowds as well. There has even been a faction of fans who want to see the team return to it’s creamsicle roots, bringing back the ‘glory days’ of Bucco Bruce. A look which saw just three winning seasons, including the strike shortened 5-4 1982 campaign.

Of course, this development followed the news earlier Tuesday that Tom Brady would retain the number twelve as Bucs wide receiver Chris Godwin transitions to fourteen, at least for the time being.

And then there was this announcement of sorts.

This tweet, from Buccaneers cornerback Sean Murphy-Bunting, suggests the second-year player will be switching jersey numbers as well.

In 2019, Deone Bucannon wore the number until his eventual release in October. Now it seems, Murphy-Bunting will be sporting the number moving forward.

It’s been a uniform news packed sort of day this Tuesday for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with the biggest uniform news of them all coming in just one more week.

MLB legends on strange teams: Do you remember these stops?

With Tom Brady preparing to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – a stunning move for the six-time Super Bowl champion – fans can’t come to grips with the idea of Brady wearing a uniform other than that of the New England Patriots.

That got us thinking about baseball players who spent the tail end of their careers in uniforms that didn’t look quite right on them – like Willie Mays with the Mets or Frank Thomas with the Blue Jays – as players synonymous with a particular organization.

In no particular order, here’s some of the most notable legends whose short-term stops you may have forgotten:

Ken Griffey Jr. – After 20 seasons with the Reds and Mariners, Griffey was traded to the White Sox in 2008 at age 38. He played 41 games for a Chicago team that won the AL Central, Griffey’s first postseason trip since 1997.

Willie Mays – Having spent 21 seasons with the Giants, Mays ended his career back where in New York where it began, getting traded to the Mets in 1972. He played 135 games with the Mets over the next two years, reaching the World Series in 1973.

Babe Ruth – Everyone knows the story of Ruth beginning his career with the Boston Red Sox, but he also ended his career in Beantown, getting traded from the Yankees to the Boston Braves for the 1935 season. He hit six home runs in 28 games for the Braves.

Harmon Killebrew – Ranking 12th on the all-time home run list, Killebrew spent the first 20 years of his career with the Minnesota Twins (who were previously the Washington Senators), before signing with the Royals for the 1975 season.

Frank Thomas – After 16 years with the White Sox, Thomas joined the Athletics for the 2006 season and finished fourth in MVP voting with 39 homers and 113 RBI. That earned him a two-year contract with the Blue Jays, where he hit his 500th career home run. Toronto released him in April 2008 and Thomas went back to Oakland for the final 55 games of his career.

Randy Johnson – A five-time Cy Young winner, Johnson joined the Giants in 2009 at the age of 45 and picked up his 300th career win with San Francisco. He pitched 22 games for the Giants that season, the final year of his career.

Pedro Martinez – The right-hander signed with the Phillies in the summer of 2009 and wound up being a major contributor as the team reached the World Series for the second year in a row. He went 5-1 in the regular season before making three starts in the playoffs.

Yogi Berra – He retired after the 1963 season, his 18th with the Yankees, only to become the team’s manager in 1964, reach the World Series and then get fired. Berra joined the crosstown Mets as a coach for 1965 and wound up making four appearances as a catcher early in the year. He stayed on the Mets’ staff for years, eventually succeeding Gil Hodges as manager in 1972.

Hank Aaron – The first 21 years of his career were spent in a Braves uniform, first in Milwaukee from 1954-1965 then Atlanta through 1974. The Braves traded him back to Milwaukee to finish his career, playing two seasons with the Brewers, who had joined the league in 1969.

John Smoltz – The Hall of Famer played 20 seasons for the Atlanta Braves but found himself a free agent at the age of 41. He signed with the Red Sox and made eight starts (8.33 ERA) before being released in August. Smoltz then signed with the Cardinals, making seven starts in the regular season and an appearance in the NLDS.

Juan Marichal – The legendary Dominican right-hander had a 2.84 ERA in 14 seasons with the Giants, before spending 1974 with the Red Sox and 1975 with the Dodgers.

Willie McCovey – The Giants traded McCovey to the Padres before the 1974 season, playing two-plus years with San Diego and 11 games for the Athletics in 1975, ultimately returning to San Francisco for the final four years of his career.

Manny Ramirez – Waived by the Dodgers in August 2010 and played 24 games for the White Sox down the stretch that year. He was then signed by the Rays in 2011 and only played five games with Tampa Bay before retiring to avoid a PED suspension, never playing in the majors again.

Patriots WR Julian Edelman teases possibility of new jerseys in latest tweet

What are the chances of the New England Patriots wearing new jerseys in 2020?

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman teased fans Friday with a tweet that read, “Hearing rumors about new jerseys…”

We don’t know if Edelman is talking about a brand new jersey, or just the return of the iconic uniform the team used in the 1990s. It’s been a while since the Patriots wore any of their throwback jerseys in an actual game.

If anyone was going to tease a jersey using this design, Edelman is the right choice. Drew Bledsoe helped make the blue Flying Elvis jerseys famous in the 1990s when he was the Patriots’ franchise quarterback, and like Edelman, he wore No. 11.

Those jerseys helped usher in a new era of Patriots football beginning in 1993. They represented not only a different uniform, but also a new logo. Instead of Pat Patriot, a Flying Elvis design was introduced, one that’s still used today.

The Patriots have worn their current jerseys since 2000, which, ironically, coincided with Tom Brady’s arrival in New England. If the Patriots do unveil new jerseys for the 2020 season, the real question is will Brady be wearing them? The 42-year-old quarterback is able to become an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his career when the market opens next week.

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Valencia Blank Home Soccer Club Jersey

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Price: $18.00

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Nike Lakers #23 LeBron James Black Women’s NBA Swingman City Edition Jersey

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Zion Williamson leaves jersey swap with JaVale McGee empty-handed

Jersey swaps have become a sign of mutual admiration and respect among athletes.

So what does it mean when an exchange is one-sided?

Zion Williamson and JaVale McGee have left us to ponder that question.

Zion mingles with Lakers postgame

For the second time in a week, Williamson and LeBron James put on a show in what ended up another Los Angeles Lakers win over the New Orleans Pelicans on Sunday.

After the final horn, James and Williamson shared a moment that had the basketball world wondering what exactly James had to say to the Pelicans’ rookie phenom.

Zion’s awkward exchange with McGee

But Williamson wasn’t done exchanging pleasantries with opposing players.

He hooked up with Lakers center JaVale McGee before leaving the court.

He gave McGee his game jersey and a hug. Then he walked away. Empty-handed.

No disrespect, right?

Now there’s no outward disrespect happening in this exchange. McGee appeared happy to receive Williamson’s jersey and made no effort to give him his own in return. Williamson, in turn, simply walked to the locker room.

Did McGee reach the likely accurate conclusion that Williamson doesn’t have much use for his jersey? Because, honestly, what would Williamson do with an authentic regular-season game-worn JaVale McGee jersey?

Did he simply not even think to give him his jersey because he’s new at this whole jersey-swapping thing?

Zion Williamson probably didn't want JaVale McGee's jersey anyway.

Who knows? It just adds up to another joke on JaVale, who’s frequent “Shaqtin’ a Fool” appearances on TNT became a source of tension.

The interaction also begs the question: What do players do with all these jerseys anyway? Exchanges among stars after meaningful playoff games or ends of careers are one thing.

Regular-season exchanges involving role players are another. If McGee had given Williamson his jersey, there’s no way it was going to end up hanging on his wall.

After borrowing uniforms, Troy Howard unified basketball raising money to buy their own

Fundraising efforts for uniforms are underway for the Troy Howard Middle School unified basketball team, now in its second year of play, as the start of the season approaches.

During its inaugural season in 2019, the young Lions had to borrow uniforms to play its slate of unified basketball games.

Now, the Lions are seeking to raise $2,500 to purchase uniforms of its own.

The team has 21 players on its roster representing Troy Howard and Northport’s Edna Drinkwater School, with nine of those being partner players.

The school intends on purchasing 22 reversible uniforms for the program that will allow the team to simply turn the uniform inside-out for its home and away contests. These uniforms will remain with the program for future seasons until they need to be replaced.

Additionally, the players will receive warm up jerseys with their names on the back that they will keep at the end of the season — a tradition at Troy Howard for its non-unified basketball teams.

Unified basketball has grown in popularity across the state at the high school level, and is beginning to grow at the middle school level. Locally, there are varsity unified basketball teams at Belfast, Oceanside, Camden Hills, Medomak Valley and Mount View.

The sport partners students with developmental disabilities (Unified Student Athlete) with students without developmental disabilities (Unified Student Partners) to train, compete, and represent their school, a press release about the sport noted in 2015. Unified Sports, the release continued, impacts all kinds of students and helps promote physical activity, teamwork, sportsmanship, and social inclusion.

“Unified basketball is such a wonderful program and has a great impact on all the players and fans,” said Troy Howard assistant principal and athletic director Alta Seekins.

During its inaugural season last year, many partner players were mostly unaware of what they were signing up for when deciding to join the unified basketball team, but they were willing to participate and help out, Seekins noted.

“I’m so pleased that not only did all of the partners still at THMS enthusiastically rejoin this year, but several of the partners that moved on to the high school are playing on the BAHS unified team,” said Seekins. “The relationships built between the players has carried on throughout the year and the special olympians feel more a part of the whole school community and have established positive peer relationships. It’s common to see ‘high fives’ and greetings as students move throughout the school.”

The middle school unified basketball season will include four contests, as well as an exhibition contest.

The season will begin with an exhibition contest against the unified basketball team from Belfast Area High School on Thursday, Feb. 27 at THMS at 3:30 p.m.

The exhibition contest will serve as a fundraiser, with donations being accepted at the door, for the Susan Black Scholarship Fund.

The late Susan Black, a long time Belfast educator and supporter of unified athletics and the Special Olympics, will be honored at the game. All money raised through concessions and donations will go to the fund.

In non-exhibition play, Troy Howard will open the regular season Wednesday, March 11 at home against Ellsworth at 4 p.m. for its lone home game.

The remainder of the season will see the Lions hit the road to challenge Nokomis (March 17), Brewer (March 26) and Ellsworth (April 6).

Michigan State Spartans To Wear 2000 Throwback Unifroms

The Michigan State basketball program will wear throwback uniforms against Maryland on Saturday (6 p.m. on ESPN) to commemorate its most recent national championship.

Aside from the Nike swoosh and the patch in honor of Zachary “Smoothie” Winston — the late brother of guard Cassius Winston — the throwback uniforms are an exact replica of what the Spartans wore during their 89-76 win over Florida in the 2000 NCAA Tournament final.

Originally designed by Reebok, the asymmetrical uniforms feature Michigan State’s arched banner wordmark across the chest and a Greek key pattern for trim. The jersey uses an ornate number font, while the shorts prominently display the Spartan logo on one side and the Block “S” inside a contrasting panel on the other.

Michigan State, interestingly enough, is one of a handful of schools with a national championship to its name that is forced to wear a silver tab on the back collar of its jersey rather than a gold tab. That’s because the latter is only reserved for those schools who won a title while outfitted by Nike, and both of the Spartans’ championships (1979 and 2000) predate that relationship.

The program has six Final Four appearances since then, though, hence the silver tab.