Updated custom covers for NCAA Football 20

Anyone else get butterflies earlier this year when EA Sports said it would be “very interested” in developing a new NCAA Football game?

Spending hours on the sticks was a summer tradition for millions of college football fans in the 2000s, the pre-Madden appetizer to the new season beginning when school started back.

Per 247Sports analyst Chris Hummer, the NCAA made a “quiet, yet potentially momentous announcement” in May that it would create a working group to examine the issue of likeness in college athletics, perhaps the first step in alter its rules to allow athletes to capitalize on their image.

Previously, NCAA rules prohibited EA Sports from paying college players to use their likeness in video games, thus ending one of the top-selling video game franchises in history among sports fans in 2014.

Former NCAA Football Executive Producer Ben Haumiller wrote in an email to 247Sports after the announcement that creative his team “loved making college football games and “if the opportunity ever presented itself ,we’d be very interested in potentially getting back into that space.”

Well, our creative team loves the idea and has taken it one step further a few weeks before the start of fall practice.

Courtesy of 247Sports graphics guru Ted Hyman, here’s a wide array of custom covers we’d like to see on the next (it better happen!) NCAA Football game from EA Sports:


Since current stars are off limits per EA Sports’ mandate when it was producing the best game on the planet every summer, here’s first-round pick and former Clemson pass rusher Clelin Ferrell in all of his infinite glory on the first custom cover for NCAA Football 20. By the way, would 2019 Heisman frontrunner Trevor Lawrence be the highest-rated player in the game?

South Carolina

Can you imagine what Deebo Samuel’s individual player rating would’ve been with an updated roster? I’m thinking 95 OVR with 96 speed, 97 agility and 93 acceleration as one of the game’s top wideouts and special teams threats. A potential Palmetto Bowl showdown between the Tigers and Gamecocks just became a lot more fun with these two cover boys leading the virtual charge.


Here’s an up-close look at last season’s SEC Defensive Player of the Year and top draft selection Josh Allen, who would’ve been one of the game’s most feared players off the edge. It used to be a blast user-controlling a defensive end at the snap and using quickness — or a power move — to get past a tackle en route to the quarterback. Allen was arguably college football’s best at doing just that last season. Did we mention the potential uniform options you’d have with the Wildcats? We’re all-in on chrome helmets, the snow whites or Kentucky’s all-black combination in NCAA Football 20.


Devin White to the rescue! No doubt the Tigers would have one of NCAA Football 20’s top defenses, anchored by several elite-level players at every level on that side of the football. The hit stick with rising star K’Lavon Chaisson would be devastating, sure to jar the football loose from opposing ballcarriers (be careful using the strip button unless you want to miss a tackle).


Dual-threat quarterbacks OWN in video game formats and players like Trace McSorley would be elite in this regard. It wouldn’t hurt to cycle back another year too so you could play with Saquon Barkley as well — or just recruit another can’t-miss backfield star during the “offseason” in the game. A night game at Beaver Stadium in Happy Valley paints one of the prettiest pictures on the game, especially if it could be done in 4K.


Kyler Murray gets the nod here since he’s no longer active, but everyone’s favorite team in NCAA Football 20 would undoubtedly be the Sooners. Who wouldn’t want to test our Jalen Hurts in Lincoln Riley’s Air Raid with a plethora of wide receivers and talented running backs at your disposal? This offense would rival Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin’s fat numbers a decade ago.


Attention EA Sports — All Georgia fans want to know one thing before you release a new game: will the black alternate jerseys be available at the team select screen? Jake Fromm and D’Andre Swift teaming up in NCAA 20 would give users the opportunity to have supreme balance offensively and everyone knows the screen tends to rock back and forth between the hedges.


Now that Texas is back, you can return the Longhorns to their glory days atop the polls in the thick of the national championship picture with Sam Ehlinger in charge and Caden Sterns at safety, who could be NCAA Football 20’s highest-rated player at his position (LSU’s Grant Delpit begs to differ).

Notre Dame

The golden domers in 4K? Salivating.


Be honest, how often do you simulate defense? There’s no fun in that when you have a litany of high-rated pass rushers like the Buckeyes. Ohio State was always a preferred favorite of mine in dynasty mode because you could count on the Buckeyes to have an elite quarterback and running back capable of breaking down a defense on every handoff. Speed kills and Ohio State always had it in NCAA Football.


Here’s is Michigan’s best chance to beat Ohio State! Jokes aside, few teams looked better than the Wolverines’ maize and blue the last time we saw EA Sports’ beloved game. Adjust the sliders a bit as a runner and Shea Patterson would be fun to use as one of the game’s top quarterbacks.


Bring back Dynasty mode with the Crimson Tide? I’m ashamed to admit I played too many seasons with Alabama on NCAA 14, wasting countless hours of screentime while beating teams into oblivion. Elite on both sides of the ball, Alabama was a sure-fire way to pad stats online and improve that win-loss record in the lobby. I’m already getting butterflies thinking of a no-huddle 5-wide with Tua Tagovailoa.

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